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Sunglasses for sport, Oakley

The Oakley® brand is especially popular with athletes, but also with men and women who enjoy an active lifestyle and want to look stylish and trendy in glasses.

Check out the different Oakley® sunglasses models according to specific sports and our lifestyle tips and find the one that suits you!

If you want your own original piece with your own frame colour, your own lens type and colour, and even your initials, come and visit us at Easy Optic to create your dream sunglasses using the simple online Smartshopper app.

And if you need Oakley sunglasses with diopters, no problem! Check out the types of dioptric sunglasses we offer:


Types of Oakley dioptric sunglasses

Glasses for cycling and running

These Oakley® models are helmet compatible and come with a wide range of lenses. Models with Prizm Road and Prizm Trail lenses are available specifically for cycling and running.

Choose the perfect frame for your ride.

Multisport sunglasses

Do you play a lot of sports and differently every time? Put on the Oakley® multisport sunglasses and enjoy running, cycling, hiking, or volleyball, simply any sport, from a whole new perspective! Our following tips will guide you to the best performance every time.

Sunglasses for the mountains

Experience breathtaking panoramas from behind Oakley® sunglasses made just for the mountains.

They're made for adrenaline sports and mountain lovers. They'll guide you safely at any altitude.

Sunglasses for water sports

For water lovers and water sports enthusiasts, there are sports sunglasses with high curvature and solid frame construction for high protection against unwanted glare. Iridium mirrored lenses ensure lower light transmission in dazzling conditions. Prizm Deep Water glasses for saltwater enthusiasts, fishermen will appreciate Prizm Shallow Water glasses for easy orientation in the shallows. Goggles are compatible with headgear for maximum UV protection.

Everyday wear

The Oakley brand also takes great pride in making sure that its glasses go hand in hand with fashion trends so that you can wear them not only for sport. So don't miss out on the wide range of trendy Oakley lifestyle sunglasses our tips. And that we have a lot of them. Every piece in the range will ensure that you always see great and look great at the same time. It's easy.

Do you want to buy only frames or also lenses?
Do you want to buy just the sunglasses or sunglasses with corrective lenses?