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Prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses lenses
Choosing perfectly fitting prescription sunglasses has never been easier. Discover your unique style and choose spectacle lenses that will suit your needs and give youself a new perspective of the world. On vacation, in the city, for driving or sports - for whatever you need.

Benefits of sunglasses lenses

- 100% UV protection against UVA and UVB radiation.
- Possibility of anti-reflection treatment to eliminate unwanted reflections
- Polarizing filter for better contrast and reduction of glare from horizontal surfaces

We offer sunglasses dioptric spectacle sunlenses brands Ray-Ban, Oakley and Zeiss.

You can choose from a wide range of colors for full-color lenses, gradients, and mirror. The offer also includes lenses with polarization and patented technologies for balancing visual acuity and contrast Prizm and Chromance.

 Ray-Ban® sunglasses (only for Ray-Ban® frames)

Ray-Ban® sunglasses (only for Ray-Ban® frames)

An overview of color variants of the original solar dioptric Ray-Ban lenses, which are made with individual DST technology for maximum comfort, sharpness and quick adjustment. Lenses also be made, with a back anti-reflection, selected colors and polarization. Chromance lenses are polarized and maximize contrast for better and clearer vision. The engraving of the Ray-Ban brand and the initials RB serve as a certificate of authenticity.

One-color lenses

Color Color Color Color Color

Gradient lenses

Color Color Color Color Color Color Color

Mirror lenses

Color Color Color Color Color

Chromance lenses *

Color Color Color Color Color Color

* Chromance lenses can only be made in selected Ray-Ban Chromance models

Polarization can be made on monochromatic lenses G-15, B-15; gradal lenses Blue, Gray, Brown; and Orange, Blue, Silver mirror lenses and all Chromance lenses

Overview of surface treatments of original solar dioptric Ray-Ban DST lenses

Coating Coating Coating Coating Coating

Ray-Ban lenses price offer

One-color and gradient lenses DST 1,59 with anti-reflex

  • 4900 kč/pair (196 Euros)

One-color and gradient lenses DST 1,59 with Polarised

  • 6500 kč/pair (260 Euros)

Mirrored and Mirrored polarised lenses DST 1,59

  • 7000 kč/pair (280 Euros)

Chromance lenses DST 1,59 with Polarised

  • 7000 Kč/pair (280 Euros)

 Oakley® Sunglasses (Oakley® Frames Only)

Oakley® Sunglasses (Oakley® Frames Only)

Oakley individual spectacle lenses, especially for enthusiastic athletes. Thanks to the extremely flexible and durable Plutonite 1.59 material, the spectacle lenses can withstand demanding conditions and protect you 100% against UV radiation and blue light. You can choose from a wide range of colors for different conditions and environments, mainly thanks to Prizm technology, which increases the visibility of details and maximizes contrast for specific activities.

Prizm Everyday

Prizm Everyday

Occasionally for sports and especially for the city. If you are looking for sports spectacle lenses for a variety of everyday situations, then Prizm Everyday are the ideal solution. Perfectly protects your eyesight in various lighting conditions. It ensures glare-free vision and offers a wide range of colors for your spectacle frames. You can choose from two interior (gray x bronze) and 8 exterior stylish colors.

Prizm Tints
Prizm Tints

Oakley Prizm Sport

Oakley Prizm Sport

Prizm Sport technology is created for passionate athletes, and will provide you with the best conditions on the way to your best success. The main benefits include color enhancement and increased contrast, better visual acuity and easier viewing of moving objects in sight.

Choose the environment in which you move and have lenses with Prizm Sport technology made to measure.

For movement on a smooth surface, there are Prizm Road lenses:

Oakley Prizm Road

It improves the visibility of the road so that you can see every obstacle, such as bumps, cracks or pebbles, and feel more confident when driving or running.

For those who move in the field, there are Prizm Trail lenses:

Oakley Prizm Trail

In medium or low light, Prizm Trail lenses maximize brightness and depth of vision by increasing the contrast between subtle shades of brown and green, thereby increasing the visibility of such details in the terrain as stones, sand, dust and rocks.

For easy orientation in deep waters Prizm Deep Polarized:

Oakley Prizm Polarized

It filters out shades of blue that are a distracting element, improves color contrast, increases the visibility of green and red, and thanks to the HD. Polarized filter, eliminates reflections from the water surface by 99%, helping to see details more at sea and rivers. The glasses are enriched with polarization.

For fishing and orienteering in the shallows Prizm Shallow Water Polarized:

Prizm Shallow Water Polarized

It balances the contrast of the water surface, maintains a clear white color for easier seeing of fish and, thanks to the HD Polarized filter, reduces dazzling reflections and helps to better see details in rivers, streams and rivers when fishing in shallow waters.

Created directly for golfers Prizm Golf:

Oakley Prizm Golf

They increase the contrast, which will help you better perceive the grass of the field and watch the ball with absolute accuracy on the ground and in the air.

Oakley lenses price offer

  • Oakley Plutonite 1,59 non-iridum* 3,910 CZK / pair
  • Oakley Plutonite 1,59 iridum** 4,230 CZK / pair
  • Oakley Plutonite 1,59 Prizm 4,860 CZK / pair
  • Oakley Plutonite 1,59 Iridium Polarized CZK 5,010 CZK / pair
  • Oakley Plutonite 1,59 Prizm Polarized 5.630 CZK / pair

* Non-iridium are full-color tinted lenses without mirror treatment
** Iridum is a mirror finish of the Oakley brand

 Synchrony - Zeiss prescription sunglasses

Synchrony - Zeiss prescription sunglasses

Zeiss sunglasses in the Synchrony economy range offer a relatively wide range of colors at affordable prices. You can choose from stock lenses, cut glasses and high-index lenses. Full-area and gradal lenses are available.

Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss
Synchrony – Zeiss

* Spectacle lenses marked with a black pictogram are unsuitable for driving at night; the gray pictogram indicates lenses unsuitable behind the wheel under any conditions

Synchrony – Zeiss Price offer

Stock lenses Synchrony (85% gray, brown, green)

  • Synchrony Mono 1.5 Sun (claim only) 1.250CZK / pair
  • Synchrony Mono 1.5 Sun with rear anti-reflection 1.600 CZK / pair
  • Synchrony Mono 1.6 Sun with rear anti-reflection 2,200 CZK / pair

Synchrony cut lenses with HMC + coating (colors according to offer)

  • Single Vision Synchrony SPH 1.5 HMC + color 3.280 CZK / pair
  • Single Vision Synchrony AS 1.6 HMC + color 4.420 CZK / pair
  • Single Vision Synchrony AS 1.67 HMC + color 6.280 CZK / pair

 Zeiss prescription sunglasses

Zeiss prescription sunglasses

German premium sunglasses from Zeiss offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation and thus provide optimal protection for the eyes. Individual lenses ensure perfect and clear vision without restrictions. A wide range of colors is available, including trendy mirror finishes. Thanks to the Duravision Platinium surface treatment with 9-layer anti-reflection and hydrophobic treatment for easy cleaning, your new spectacle lenses will be protected from scratches.

Choose from a wide range of colors and according to the conditions where you will make full use of your sunglasses.

Duravsion Mirror add-on for the stylish look of your glasses

Duravsion Mirror

Complete range of colors and prices of the Zeiss brand on request in our optical shop Easy Optic.

You can find a complete offer of sunglass lenses in

Optical shop Easy Optic

Here we will be happy to advise you on choosing lenses and glasses that fit your eyes.


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