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Gaming glasses and lenses Oakley Prizm™ Gaming

Oakley Prizm™ Gaming are new eyelasses on the market designed for all passionate computer game players. Whether you play for fun or are a professional gamer, the new lenses will let you play in a whole new resolution that will lead you to the best results. 

Prizm™ Gaming technology offers protection from blue light coming from the screen, significantly reducing eye fatigue. It also maximizes color contrast for sharper vision during the game.

Lenses  without diopters:

Prizm™ Gaming lenses without diopters can be purchased in stylish frames which are made of lightweight and durable materials such as titanium, plastic or carbon. Frames are also compatible with wireless headsets.

Lenses with diopters:

You can also have your gaming glasses made with diopters. Take a look at the range of frames that can be fitted with Prizm Gaming dioptric lenses.

Do you want to buy only frames or also lenses?
Do you want to buy just the sunglasses or sunglasses with corrective lenses?