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Selecting My Sunglasses

Sunglasses primary function: protection against the sun!


All glasses do not protect your eyes! We must distinguish between shade and protection. Tinted glass can relieve you of glare but let the UV. It is better to find a device that filters the rays and some infrared and blue light. To avoid glare, you can choose from different colors (brown, green, gray ...), materials and treatments. you should see well with glasses, both in terms of color rendition that contrasts

Tint, a matter of taste?

Not only. For your sunglasses, you can choose between different colors. Your decision depends on your aesthetic tastes. But know that each has specific optical. The gray colors is often advisable to farsighted . The myopic prefer the brown, which reduces glare made ​​with a greater contrast. Yellow, accentuating the contours and contrasts, brings some comfort to drivers , especially when it's cloudy. If you do not resist fashionable glasses in pastel blue or pink, make sure they filter out UV and do not wear them in bright light

Sunglasses with visual Correction:

If you already wear glasses to correct a vision problem , your optician can make your solar view. Or alternatively you can choose photochromic lenses. Thanks to them, you only have one pair of glasses, which change color depending on your UV exposure

Do you want to buy only frames or also lenses?
Do you want to buy just the sunglasses or sunglasses with corrective lenses?