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Quality and Services

Do you receive the best Eye Care service? Ask yourself the following questions:

With regards to Glasses and Lenses:

Do You know what frame you are buying? Do you know what lenses you are buying? Did you receive advices for choosing your lenses? Do you have good after services with your optical retailer?

With regards to Competencies and Services delivered to you:

Can you easily book an appointment for your eye exam? Do you know what eye exam you received? Do you feel your vision center or optical shop helped you manage your Eye Health? Do you talk with competent optometrists, opticians or customer service representatives?

With regards to getting regular information and updates:

Are you regularly informed about your Eye Health, Optical Glasses and Lenses, Sunglasses? Do you follow trends in Eye Wear fashion?

Easy Optic: Vision Made Simple

We answer all your questions, help you to manage to Eye Care and Optical glasses purchase, between -30% to -50% cheaper than traditional Optical shops, and we keep you informed via Easy Optic Facebook blog or our instagram

Do you want to buy only frames or also lenses?
Do you want to buy just the sunglasses or sunglasses with corrective lenses?