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Lens material

Different properties of different lenses, for a better vision and appearance

Plastic Lens:

Plastic remains the most popular lens material for eyeglasses. But though plastic lenses are lighter than glass lenses, they too can be thick - especially in moderate and strong prescription powers

The best choice if you want the most economical lenses possible.

Excellent optical clarity (comparable to glass lenses).

Can be easily tinted to dark sunglass shades.

Polycarbonate Lens:

The best choice if you want the safest and/or lightest lenses possible.

Over ten times more impact resistant than regular plastic lenses.

Used in safety eyewear and sports goggles as well as general purpose eyewear. Up to 40% thinner and 30% lighter than regular plastic lenses

Glass Lens:

The best choice if you want excellent optics and scratch resistance, a relatively low price, and you are willing to tolerate heavier lenses.

Excellent optical performance, providing the widest field of clear vision.

More than twice the weight of other lens materials.

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