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If you experience Eye Allergies, consult your ophthalmologist

Symptoms and signs:

inflammation of the conjunctiva that is caused by a reaction to allergens. The inflammation causes enlargement of the blood vessels in the conjunctiva ("congestion"), resulting in a red or bloodshot appearance of the eyes. These symptoms can range from very mild redness to severe swelling associated with discharge.

Can Allergies harm my eye sight:

Eye allergies, specifically allergic conjunctivitis, can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable, and they may disrupt your day-to-day activities, but they usually do not harm your eyes. However, there are rare conditions that are associated with atopic dermatitis (eczema) and other diseases can cause inflammation that may affect the eyesight

What treatment for Eye Allergies:

Most people with eye allergies treat themselves and do so quite effectively with OTC products. Most commonly, home care consists of flushing the eye with water. If these remedies are not working or if there is eye pain, extreme redness, or heavy discharge, you should seek medical advice or consult your ophthalmologist. Some conditions, for example, are serious with potential sight-threatening complications if required treatment is delayed.

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